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  1. Stuuupid stupppid me or him?
  2. Perfect Trap ?
  3. Really Bad Beat
  4. cant get it at all
  5. Just need to let of steam
  6. Bad Beats League BAD BEAT!!!
  7. Two-outed for 600 BB pot
  8. WTF
  9. Stupid game lol
  10. Mini Ftops deep run killed by the turn
  11. Does 5 Aces beat a King-high Fullhouse...??
  12. How to continue to get pounded by morons...
  13. how to continue a downswing
  14. Effing mtt's
  15. Umm....
  16. gotta love this
  17. Big loss with KK in $350 live tournament.
  18. Owned by women.
  19. So tilting...
  20. Crazy hand: turn quads vs river quads
  21. Pokerstars Valentines Day Massacre!
  22. amazing flop i thought
  23. First BB post in ages...
  24. Been a long time..
  25. Top 100, From 5th in chips to bye bye
  26. LOL twice in 15 min...sick (bad beats)
  27. i hate it when bad players get rewarded
  28. one brutal mtt
  29. Story Of My Poker Life in 1 Hand
  30. another final table bubble..
  31. Bad Beat r unlucky
  32. royal
  33. *Siiiigggghhhhh*
  35. *Warning* Bad bEat crying here!!!
  36. Just venting
  37. Fishes...i am gonna fking get you...
  38. Can't win after I bink one lol
  39. I suck at poker, but I work for FTP
  41. PStars loves to feed the fishies!!! FFS!
  42. terrible 45 sng night
  43. ahhhh what can i say...
  44. F*&% YOU VARIANCE :)
  45. Did this really just happen?
  46. Effing Ahole
  47. this si why my ROI is negative?
  48. Consecutive hands
  49. Bad beats tab should be renamed comedy central!
  50. lol...for the love of marmite...
  51. This Happens Way Too Often To Me
  52. you gotta LOVE full tilt...
  53. Slowrolled on purpose..
  54. Don't tilt and go in $350 superturbo!
  55. this ones for your shortmat
  56. Grrrrrr (Venting..)
  57. Caller Fish busted me...
  58. Affleck vs Duhamel
  59. I am So Sick of FUll tilt.
  60. Top 100 Ranked players can't lose.
  61. This is crazy...
  62. Put in volume day after a win and this always happens.
  63. From 1st to 122
  64. vinkl's Bad Beats Thread
  65. whats the biggest downswing you had..
  66. how to control tilt ?bad beats hurt so much more when your losing
  67. just letting out some steam
  68. what a lousy run
  69. Chipdump fail...
  70. officially done with Full Tilt
  71. This is Why I Suck
  72. Not a bad beat...but reaaallly bad luck?Just happened an hour ago lol
  73. holy sh*t...i was kinda close... :'(
  74. Full Tilt is making it obvious they want me off the site
  75. i think Full Tilt wants me off the site?
  76. How can this not tilt the hell out of you?
  77. BAD BEATS Warning...
  78. (Warning badbeat hands) FML in 1$ Rebuy FTP
  79. Seriously?
  80. Need advice on a bad beat...
  81. lol at bad beat...not my fault tho!he started it!>.<
  82. So will I ever win a final table hand?
  83. Best bad beat story ever told...
  84. I officially run so bad. Just funny not complaining.
  85. First hand of the GDDMN tournament
  86. about to (re)acquire top ten stack.
  87. Columbus Athletic Club
  88. Variance is not going away it's alive an well
  89. Fifty fifty 24 left i am bad.
  90. Hi, thought I would share a bad beat with you guys...
  91. 75k bubble
  92. Bad beats....
  93. First hand of the freaking tournament...
  94. lol QQ vs AJc
  95. PUKE!
  96. Everyone goes broke here, right?
  98. How does full tilt know?
  99. Broke laptop screen.... again
  100. Running bad.......
  101. Nut Straight not good enough
  102. two ouchie hands HU
  103. AAA Third Place
  104. It's been a long time...
  105. siiiick muck!!!
  106. who says online poker is getting tougher to beat?
  108. Enough allready!!!!!!
  109. AA 1 outed.
  110. AK Diamond Diamond
  111. HELP!!! How did I go wrong?!?!?!
  112. You've Got To Be Kidding Me
  113. I don't know how to play.
  114. Testing
  115. Hold best hand
  116. Daily Double today
  117. $%(& PLO
  118. Crying
  119. Thought on Variance
  120. 8th FIddy FIddy i can't win a big hand at the end for anything. ITS HONESTLY SO SADDD
  121. Wish i was a red pro (Gavin Smith)
  122. I didnt think it was possible to run worse than FrankJones
  123. Yeah I rivered a str8 flush...and lost
  124. My Once a Year Vent
  125. It's official! Frank Jones unluckiest poker player!
  126. Yay
  127. Bad beat standard fare on Full Tilt
  128. who folds?
  129. Unlucky KK
  130. KK In the 28K
  131. Interesting Perspective
  132. Worst beat in my career
  133. Full Tilt is a shocker, on a serious cooler
  134. This is just sick...
  135. Marco Liesy LUCK BOX
  136. Pokerstars Rivers suck bad
  137. lost with a boat to quads twice in 5 minutes
  138. Horrible play tonight
  139. Sick as all sick hand
  140. Getting back on Pokerstars.
  141. MY LIFE
  142. Major tourney Blues
  143. Rant -- Crazy Home Game Session
  144. Bad beat
  145. a session in my shoes
  146. Damn Donk Calls
  147. 2 outer ---> 1 outer
  148. DAMN COMCAST!!!
  149. Unreal... for the past 3 days
  150. ahhh
  151. 1 outter for 750k..yeppp mbn
  152. aye aye aye
  153. OMFG WHY!
  154. Felted...
  155. 420
  156. Poker Stars
  157. Yesss...
  158. This is why I took Two months off....
  159. How To Avoid Going On Tilt
  160. great insta slowroll-punishment
  161. How do you do it??
  162. How sick!!!!
  163. Did I play this right?
  164. So wait unlucky again???
  165. For all you that think you have a chance to run worse then me.
  166. Thanks Full TILT!!!
  167. 1 sick bad beat
  168. Should I have played it differently?
  169. Record downswing for me
  170. Makes Me Sick
  171. 43o > KK
  172. FTP 59$ pooperturb again
  173. Caught a tilter.
  174. So I thought I would do 1 last tourney this year..
  175. Cooler to Bad Beat to MegaCooler
  176. SIGH....... MAKE IT STOP
  177. Hand From The Main Event
  178. why do people who cant 3bet correctly get rewarded
  179. 10 hands into miniFTOPS ME
  180. Only in larger mtts
  181. This BS is getting unexplainable!!
  182. I run so well...
  183. Aces Gone Bad Day 3
  184. Whats the use of playing tight?
  185. How does this happen everytime?
  186. Why Can't AA hold for me?
  187. the one that counts
  188. just positive variance?
  189. IM glad im god at poker. WITH NO LUCKKKKK.
  190. IM glad its fixed.
  191. WTF was he thinking???
  192. Ahhhh.... the bubble.
  193. maybe to aggro
  194. This sums up my day
  195. Banned myself.
  196. Public education isn't working
  197. loldonkaments
  198. a REAL bad beat...
  199. Flopped Str8 vs Quads
  200. Lost all faith in poker.
  201. strangest play ever
  202. Huge Sunday Brawl Suckout
  203. Taking a break...
  204. Where Do They Come From?
  205. just bitchin
  206. Easy Game
  207. GrandPrixGT300's Bad Beat Thread
  208. So tired of running bad......
  209. It's been awhile and I've made efforts to not do so..
  210. An Oldie But A Goodie-FTOPS
  211. Still the unluckiest out there.
  212. How to lose to every hand all in.
  213. Can someone please teach me how to close a tourney?
  214. Yet another setup gone wrong.....
  215. What do you do to prevent Tilt???
  216. How do i post hands. You gotta see this its a fucking joke honestly.
  217. This is F***ing sick
  219. first two games after my rant..last night
  220. suckout after suckout after suckout
  221. Just another day...sick
  222. How do you win?
  223. Jif On Monkey Tilt?
  224. Should I have played this hand any different?
  225. Some kind of record
  226. Running deep in a few on starz
  227. LOL!! Good to be back?
  228. Sick sick hand..
  229. Full Tilt Full TILT
  230. Why would a winning player ever do this
  231. Dude tried to slow roll me...
  232. What Just Happened?
  233. LIMPED KK
  234. Tillllllllllllllllt
  235. flawless victory
  236. This will make you sick.
  238. please tell me....
  239. 7% on the flop and chip leader takes me out :(
  240. This is why i'm now BUSTO
  241. But they were SOOOOOOOTED
  242. 25k 12 left....
  243. Everyhting Going According...wait a second
  244. Can I play any better than this? This is how Im running in Mtts. So sick
  245. Fail. 32k wit 4 left.. Downfall.
  246. Unf***ingbelievable
  247. That does it its fixed.....
  248. Is it possible??
  249. I SUCK!!!
  250. The Full Tilt bad beat machine is back