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Thread: Stuuupid stupppid me or him?

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    Angry Stuuupid stupppid me or him?

    Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted here, but I really got irked when I played this hand and replaying it in my head, it just annoys me even more!

    (ps- hope you all been well!)

    There are 2 hands I would like to ask for advice/ bitch about.

    I'm in small blind, with 4th chip stack on table of 9 of a MTT game. (13.5k chips)
    200 400 blinds, with 50 ante.

    I get dealt ak os.
    +3 raises minimum to 800 (he is 3rd chip stack, by 1k)
    Everyone folds to me, and i raise to 1600.

    villain calls., bb folds, pot is now 4050

    flop comes As Qs K d

    I bet 2800, hoping to deter a flush or any straight draws.
    Villain over bets to 8k, pot is 14850.
    I push, all in and he snap calls.

    What does he have?
    . 9s 10s

    Turn : 5 h
    River:6 s

    flush home run...

    My question: What should I have done differently? I did find manage to come to a conclusion in that I may have raised the raiser x3 his bet rather than x 2? I think the fact that I only raised x2 on the raiser was just a tempting bet and he hit a monster draw. Please help!

    scenario 2:

    I have around 49k stack. I am dealer, and blinds are 500 1k, with no antes.
    UTG +2 flat calls. everyone folds to me.
    I'm dealer with QQ. I re-raise to 3k. SB and villain calls. pot is now 9.5k.

    Flop comes 9h 8h 8d.

    BOTH check. I bet (excessively) to 9k.
    SB folds, villain RE shoves me. What does he have?

    After some time? I tank and let my lovely ladies go. I show the guy what I folded and he turns over Ah Kh. To this day I don't know if I made a good fold or not. I think betting 9k was standard in taking a pot down, although I wasn't expecting a re-shove. I thought he had trip 8s, trip 9s, and was afraid of me having a flush draw. Worse case scenario, he holds KK AA. My question is in both these scenarios, I got res-shoved because of flush draws. What should I do to prevent these guys from doing it again? Is it the way I played the hand which puts me in a tough spot? What is the easiest way to deal with this particular scenario? I would love to hear from you guys coz your the only friendly faces I know!

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    Here are my thoughts:

    First hand:

    I think you played the hand well, nothing to regret. The odds where in your favor, dont over think about it.

    Second hand:

    How much did villain had? How was he playing? If he was a psycho maybe he-d shove an 8, but i find it very unlikely. To me, i'd snap call figuring he may have a flush draw or most possibly a 9. If you're gonna raise so much on flop, then you're willing to believe you're a favorite to win this hand on the flop.


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