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Thread: Online hands me bad/good last 3 hands.....

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    Unhappy Online hands me bad/good last 3 hands.....

    I honestly just made my account because I feel I've never had worse run on cards.....

    I enter a private freeroll with 94 players that occurs every week for the next 5 months.. The top 3 from each, are then entered into a tournament that gives away a trip to Cancun + $9,000....not a bad deal . I play the tournament pretty slow and catch some good cards and make the final table. One guy takes out most of the people...and we are down to four and where my story really begins....

    I'm sitting in second with about 37K in chips, while 1st has over 120K. Blinds are 1K and 2K and I'm dealt [Th Qc]. I know I should have called but I felt like I could fold a medicore hand and wait just a little bit longer...
    2 players remain in the hand and the
    flop is [2h Qs Qh]. Well...excellent...
    Turn comes [7c] and both check
    River comes [Qd]...and I of course make my 4 of a kind. Both players check down and end up having a 2 in their hand...making their full house! I'll never know how much I could've walked with....

    The very next hand I'm dealt [2c Td]
    I immediately fold and watch the overwhelming action behind me..
    One player goes all in for a little over 12K and the big stack calls.
    Big stack was dealt [Ad As] while the other plays with [Qh Ah]
    flop comes [5c 4c 3c]
    Turn is [Ks]
    then the river.....comes [Ac]
    Completing my straight flush.....

    I'm down in the dumps at this point at my luck of cards but try to not let it affect my next hands

    I'm then dealt [Ad As]
    You cannot walk away from this....unfortunately I just call...(i know i should have raised)
    By this point the large stack has 150K and calls non the less
    Flop comes [8c Tc 2s] I bet 6K...he raises 6K and I call
    Turn comes [Td]...I bet 6k...he raises 12k and I call
    Flop comes [Kd]...I bet 6k...he goes all-in and I call

    He shows [Th 8h] and wins with the boat

    Sorry for the long post, but if you read it all, thank you. Perhaps you can give me some advice or perhaps share a drink with me....

    Hand #169432D72A000919: NA College Championship Qualifier
    Seat 3: vipe*** (21681.00 in chips)
    Seat 6: swimfan2025 (37114.00 in chips)
    Seat 7: Spor*** (23389.00 in chips)
    Seat 8: zayn*** (152816.00 in chips)
    vipervolcom posts ante of 100
    swimfan2025 posts ante of 100
    Sportsguy001 posts ante of 100
    zaynbidane posts ante of 100
    vipe***: posts big blind 2,000
    Dealt to swimfan2025 [ Ad As ]
    swimfan2025: calls
    Spor***: folds
    zayn***: calls
    vipe***: checks
    @@@ F_L_O_P @@@ [ 8c Ts 2s ]
    vipe***: checks
    swimfan2025: bets 6,000
    zayn***: raises to 12,000
    vipe***: folds
    swimfan2025: calls
    # # # TURN # # # [ Td ]
    swimfan2025: bets 6,000
    zayn***: raises to 102,000
    swimfan2025: is all in 17014.0000
    zayn***: returns uncalled bet 78,986
    swimfan2025: shows Ad As
    zayn***: shows Th 8h
    &&& RIVER &&& [ Kd ]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    zayn*** wins 76,428 with Full House, Tens full of Eights
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    Swim tough run but you didnt make that final four playing q10 and 102... So keep that in mind when beating yourself up.. Welcome aboard and keep the post/threads coming.

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    Well, I agree with Galactus X.......... up to the point of beating yourself up. Don't do this as confidence is a wary witch. Yes, you should raise AA but , in a four handed game, it's a great hand to limp/trap with. I do that almost ninety percent when shorthanded like this. And yes, I've lost many tourneys this way. But, you said there are a lot of these games? Continue with your good play, and practice forgetting what you have folded, makes for a much simpler style of play with out remorse!
    Only thing that I saw wrong with the way you played the AA was the lack of a re re raise on the flop. He min raised you, if you min raise him there he pushes IMO. And if you can get him to push then you know that you are beat, since the only hand that you can beat is a pair. In a limped in pot you have to be able to lay down the AA here................ I know they are pretty but have you ever heard the saying "Limp in to go broke?" This is where it came from, someone long ago limped AA and got hosed...... just a bit of wisdom. Also, being that it is sooo hard to lay down AA try playing and learning the game of OMAHA. It won't take you that long to lay down AA or KK in a situation you know you could be beat with them......... ie: he reraised you on the flop and the turn and the river..................................... Don't fall in love with AA it is not the Golden Nuts!
    Other than that, keep it up , you will make the trip to the tropics i'm sure. and also
    Welcome aboard.
    Playing 72 from utg is like wiping before you poop........ It just doesn't make any sense

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