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Thread: Should i start playing the 11$ sit n gos??

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    Should i start playing the 11$ sit n gos??

    I have been a member here for some time now. Haven't used the forum because i stopped playing poker after i started on my petroleum studies, but have been reading alot lately. I found out that when im not doing homework, i sometimes waste my time on facebook etc.. just sitting there. I love games so i started playing poker as I have played at very low stakes before. Put in 35 dollars for 2 weeks ago thinking.. Okay, if i loose these money I wont care since its not that much of money and it had been so long since i played last. But i ended up with a little profit playing the 5$-9man sit n gos which woke up my winning instinct. Been playing 5$-9 and 27 men. My bankroll is now up in 446$ after 2 weeks.

    So my question is, at how high bankroll should i start moving up to 11$ sit'n gos? I seem to be doing good at 27 men mtts where i can play fewer hands with a higher win rate of showdowns.

    Thanks for answers!
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    Welcome aboard Nils, and congratulations on your results over the last two weeks.

    I think it looks like you're ready for the $11 9-man SNGs right now. Here is a link to a good thread that explains one way to handle bankroll management for SNGs and MTTs:

    Online Tourney Buy-in Guidelines
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    Thanks alot for taking ur time reading it, and thanks for the answer i will start on the 11$ 9-man SNGs today if ud like, ill update my progress. I want poker to become a job aside my studies to earn some extra cash. I work at a store atm, but it soo friggin boring. So if i could earn >=700$ a month that would be awesome

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