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WSOP 2011

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by , 06-20-2011 at 01:39 PM (937 Views)
After last years cash I decided I was going to try again this year. I played event 28, $1,500 NLHE. I was chugging along nicely when after the first break there were 3 limpers and I limped behind with 4sQs. 2 more behind me so we are 5 handed. A perfect flop comes: 48Q rainbow. I call a small bet with it hoping an aggressive player behind me will make a move. He does as I hope, in fact he pushes all-in. I call and he flips TQ for 1 pair vs. my 2 pair. River 8 and I am out.

The next day I play the 235 deepstack. The very first hand I get AK on the button and I reraise UTG's bet. I then call a checkraise on the turn and flatcall a river bet (Q on the river). He shows AQ for a rivered 2 pair and I lose half my stack. Little later I get it back with 77 vs 9K on an x7K board. One orbit later I call a bet with 44. The flop comes 4QK. I checkraise the villain and he pushes allin. That leaves me stunned but I find myself unable to make a hero-fold, call instead and he shows KK. [sigh].

Then I read some tweets and read that andresoprano (!) just tweeted his table and seat number in the 3K PLO event so I look him up to say Hi. On the 135 deepstack (I don't know why they call it a deepstack, it really is a turbo). I am playing good, making correct folds with QQ once and another with JJ, winning other pots at showdown with JJ, QQ and AQ so people have only see me show up with good hands. So when I have AK and I reraise the lady on my right all-in she sighs, murmurs her gutfeeling tells her to fold and she... calls with Ac9c. Flop 2 clubs and I know I am on my way out. River the insult Kc.

That's it, no more tournaments I decide and on the third and last day of my trip I sit down at the 1/2/5 Big O table (PLO8 with 5 cards instead of 4). I am used to 4 tabling PLO8 and NLO8 online and soon I find I am crushing this Big O game. People are playing way to loose and are paying me off on the nuts several times. I get in a tough spot when I have AA2xx with A2 suited. I flop the nut-flushdraw and the nut-lowdraw. I pot for $80 abd then a guy with a $200+ stack reraises allin and a third guy with a $500+ stack repots... I make the call, river my ace and scoop the pot (guy #3 had top set...) Then the table decides I am "lucky" and from then on they let me get away with murder. I hate having to leave the table around 7.30 pm (with $1,000 profit) but i have a plane to catch. On my way out I see a guy that looks a lot like Scott Cook (Chipless Wonder) but he seems in a rush and so am I, so I don't stop him to ask him if he is indeed Scott.

Next year I'll be back. No more deepstacks though, but definately more Big O.

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