Vegas Trip

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by , 06-13-2010 at 06:47 PM (1310 Views)
This trip could not have gone any worse for me! Day one i was +$200 at a 1/2 game and got involved with another deepstack and played the hand dreadfully awful.

I had QQ MP and he leads for $15, he was actually a good player and claims to play 5/10 online. I decided to flat and BTN also calls. Flop:233, UTG checks, i bet $25, BTN folds and UTG calls. Turn is a 9. UTG checked (this seems like an obv check to me and call riv)... I bet $40, UTG raises to $80, I make it $180 and he shoves. I announce that he can only have aces here, and he kindly shows them, saving me the extra money.

--I cant stop thinking about how poorly this hand was played, and how i somehow found a way to keep compounding my mistakes during the hand.

I went to O'sheas that night for the BBP meetup and found nobody (it was more crowded than i anticipated), however i rolled for 45 min straight at the craps table so it payed off

On the 2nd day i left my phone in the cab on the way to the Venetian DS and was left without it the rest of the week. During the Venetian DS I played with an online reg (Paintball Guy?) and tried limping AA to a table that was playing weird (including two open shoves in the first 30 min.) and got nothing but limpers. Flop KJ3, i got minraised and just called down very small bets to see KJ. Then trapped w 33 on 553 flop that ran running tens to screw me over. Also had another set an KK that were no good, eventually having to race w JJ v AK and lose. Great tourney structure to be able to play all these hands without going bust.

I continued to bubble 2 tourneys (within 5 of the payspot). Also ran terrible in cash, with highlights being a guy calling my turn shove twice with a flush draw and hitting the riv (call 110 with a 7 high flush draw?!)...KK v 57os on 552 flop, not sure why he called $15 preflop, seriously--you have poop truck, 3bet! AK v KQ??? on a straddled pot to $6, a raise to $18 and 2 calls, I shoved for $140 and got called by KQ to see the Q as a door card

The hand that sums up my poker experience was the last day at Caesars 1/3, where i open for $15 w AQ, get two calls and a dream QQ7 flop. I lead and get 1 caller. Turn is an 8, I check raise and he shoves. I show him the AQ, he shows me a queen. The river runs a 3, and he stands up, looks at the board, counts his chip and announces "i got $191" and slides his queen aside to show an 8 for the full house. This was the longest slow roll i had ever seen and was tempted to knock the guy out. It appeared he was beat and was counting chips to pay me....what a dick.

All in all, vegas was a great time. I would have liked to have played a few more tourneys or ran a bit better in cash games (cant recall having the nuts once). The pools were amazing!

Recap: Lost phone, suck at poker, got sick on last day, and still had a blast in vegas.

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