Focusing on Cash Games

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by , 08-02-2010 at 03:50 AM (1466 Views)
I seem to have had great success in tournaments with only ~1k games, but dont have time to grind them. So i decided to switch completely to cash games and try to move through the ranks. Ive been studying all of my opponents that i have atleast 500 hands with and trying to find leaks in their games to exploit. I figure if I find weaknesses in the regs, then i can crush the randoms. After 5k hands i had great success, beating 25NL for 11 bb's/100 at the 6max game. I was playing very loose at 27/21 but felt comfortable with it. Players started to 3bet me quite often and i would occassionally 4bet into AA seemingly everytime...ive concluded that they have premiums at these stakes everytime they 3bet lol. Ive also been exploring a LAG PoF game as well, but havent found the upside of varience in doing so (such as getting it in w nut flush draw, or QdJd on Td4d8c type boards). I cant seem to hit when i make these plays, or else they improve to a boat. Almost at 10k hands, I am only beating it for 3bb's/100 but am optimistic to see an increase in my hourly rate since i feel that i have just burned money these last 5k hands.

I am also traveling ohio/colorado right now as well, so its kind of tilting me to 4 or 6 table on my laptop without my extra monitor

Ill keep you posted when there is news to post!

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