Cash Games Update (pt 2)

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by , 08-14-2010 at 06:57 PM (1683 Views)
Back on the grind now that im back in AZ and have my beloved monitor back in action. Ive been averaging 6-9 tables of the $25max and managed to get in 5k hands in 3 days. After
10k hands im not beating $25nl for 4bb's/100 which i hope is a solid indicator of my win rate. Im also playing less hands, and running 25/18. Im not too thrilled about this because I now get 3bet sooo much, that I started limp calling rather than raising and then 4betting or this will be what I try to adjust in my next session. After ~25k hands i think i will be looking for a coach to sort out all this mess in my PT3 and try to find some of my larger leaks

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