Doobie Anyone? How about Surgery??

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by , 11-12-2012 at 11:05 AM (2942 Views)
Doobie? I am referring to the Doobie Brothers. Saw them this weekend at LVH. Great show, sound system for the music was awesome but the vocals were definately questionable. Wiki'd them while there, what a history as they are a northern Calif band, I had no clue as was not really into them back in the 70's.

I am having surgery tomorrow and not looking forward to the recuperation period. I am alittle scared and without going into much detail I am having my prostrate reduced (as its enlarged) taking the week off from work as I have sufficient sick days if you can believe that. I will lose the days if not used by years end.

Good news is my wife starts working for my co. as a processor next week, so no more 25 hrs mandatory OT and instead she gets commission. She's been setting up her home office and is so excited to be working from home. As far as poker i've not played much this week as my daughter and son in law were here since thursday and had a great family time with them, my mom, and bro. I had a winning month in Oct not by much, but still a win is a win. Wont be playing much this week due to surgery so i guess its breaktime. CYA

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