Orleans Stud 8 War and Surgery Outcome

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by , 11-18-2012 at 02:18 PM (3839 Views)
Before I get into this I wanted to let you know that I believe my surgery (actual surgery) was a success (time will really tell). Recuperation I will tell you has been F****ing HELL. I am so disgusted with my Doctor who is also my Urologist/Surgeon. I feel as if he has left me hanging and uninformed. I had a setback and I am totally lost emotionally, physically and in alot of pain which has NOT been explained (doing alittle better now though). More on this in future blogs. Moving on!

Okay, Stud 8...... Back last few years as far as I can tell there's been a stud 8 (high/low) game runing at Suncoast (sister to Orleans-same co.) Usually one table and occaisionally two (though it doesnt last) games and played 9 handed-The game is only paid 3 times a week. Whilst not going, they play Spread Omaha high low (which again is a whole nother world of betting and a future blog).

Hence my new buddy Jeff who was always a huge Stud 8 player winning 100K first place tournie years ago. He gets wind of the game at Suncoast which has been carrying on under the radar. He starts playing there and saying how bad the players are and some of us follow him there to check it out. Time goes on and he (and other players) get the stud 8 game to run at The Orleans, this due to the players putting the game together not The Orleans. So it runs successfully for a month or so and we're playing it 9 handed. I should tell you that there is also a Jackpot badbeat for this game at Orleans, but not at Suncoast. (I beleive years ago stud was played and it always paid a badbeat just like holdem and omaha)

All of a sudden out of the blue, Orleans management says we can only play 8 handed ( I am under the impression that the game was always and originally 8 handed back in the day) As people went to sit at the table they were notified it would be 8 and not 9 handed. There was a revolution almost immediately. Emails/phone calls were flying thru the air. Players won that battle, and played 9 handed...Why play 9 handed? from what i understand is basically at the Orleans short handed play/game is frowned upon and not wanted by the players. So if the stud game is 8 handed and two players get up for dinner or what ever its 6 handed and liable to be 5 handed intermittently. Payiny with an ante of 1 dollar costs alot of money and in my point of view a killer cost and I personally have issues with that as you can fold losing twenty dollars really really fast.
As of early this week Orleans management came back and forced an 8 player game and its not run since. what do you think? is it worth it to the casino to have the game going everyday as long as its 9 handed? Does the casino have a right to dictate how the game should be played? Cya
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