Sports Betting Picks or Poker??? Lets be Honest

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by , 11-27-2012 at 10:34 PM (3512 Views)
Okay guys first things first. My post surgery seems to be going much better this 2nd week than the first week. It's hard to imagine it only been two weeks since the surgery and one week since they removed the damn catheter. Still have not gotten back to my normal (if you call it normal) sleep mode. Seeing the surgeon finally in a couple of days and boy do I have a mouthful for him, as I prolly will never go back to him again due to his NON bedside manners. Back to my Blog title......

while unable to play poker right after surgery I had begun to study the game again, being torned between Stud or Omaha, but finally went to play last friday and saturday and took what I consider unacceptable losses (Mom and Amy its not what you might think) LOL Its not that I am doubting poker(?)
I've been playing continuously whether online or live for over the 8 yrs. Its kinda hard to kick. At best being honest, I'm prolly a very small loser or super close to breakeven. I always try to be honest and keep the best records I can. Its definately been a life style mostly since moving to Vegas about 5 yrs ago. Its also the way I've met most of my recent closests friends, even the ones that have moved on and we continue to be there for each other and talk poker all the time, and if not poker its about being friends. I digress, this alone is a pretty good post in itself.

I am thinking about devoting more time to sports betting and mind you this is not me betting on sports so much as most of you know i've not been a very big sports fan. Its about partnering up with someone special who lives and dies by sports betting, along with playing poker when not running thousands of various simulations for all sports, games regardless. Its really intricate what he does. He spends hours every morning to come up with his bets ( I mean it takes like 4-6 hours) He has a computer program not commercially available and designed by him and some very special people. My involvement is going to be in setting up a "Sports Bet Picking Service" on the internet and selling subscriptions.

I believe I have finally found a potential gold mine. Its the money from selling this service is where its at (Oh and lets not forgot about advertising sales on the website if this really takes off)
There is a website I am currently using just to post and get a following prior to opening " the real website" you all can go to and view my pics and follow to see how successful this all can be. Hopefully we can maintain a 60% win ratios along with a betting system to help out.
Come visit the site and follow along for fun if anything. I will be giving out much more information in my next blog post and getting real technical on whats happening. Go to sign on/password is "guest" and "guest" and go to forums to find my posts as bluandbrneyes. Cya

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