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Hopefully 2009 will be a new year for me

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by , 12-16-2008 at 06:28 AM (1828 Views)
Well im new to this site, but im glad i was invited im noticing alot of helpful tips that would help improve my game. I plan on playing 100% on fulltiltpoker. It seems like i deposit money and money but never get to take nothing home. I always start of by puting 50 dollars and i play heads sng for 5 and 10 dollars. But cant seem to pull of profit at the end of the month maybe their is something i should change? dont really know i love playing 45 sng. I have been learning alot and plan on reading alot of these post to improve my game and finally start seing some stars on Officialpokerrankings but any advice that may help. will be gladly apreciated ... jifsrt8

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  1. DevilFish73's Avatar
    Good luck Jif... Keep us updated and nice use of our blog section.. If there is anything we can do to help let us know and in return tell your friends about us.
  2. ThePenguin22's Avatar
    With only putting $50 on the site I would stick to the $5 hds up sngs as $10 is risking too much of your balance. Stay at that level until you have at least $100 in your account then maybee raise it but when you get below $80 go back to the $5 games. This seems a little boring but it will stop you going broke so often, also I have just checked out my sharkscope rating for hds up sngs at Carbon poker. My biggest winning streak is 7, biggest losing is 2, as Im not a hds up player this suggests the hds up games here are weak so you may want to give the site a go. Also if hds up is what you primarily play I would suggest you give $5 6 seat sng tables a go, they should suit your game more than a full 9, 10 seat table. Good luck for the next time you deposit.
  3. Jifsrt8's Avatar
    thanks for the comments you guys
  4. Chipless Wonder's Avatar
    Nearly all good players have higher ROIs in larger field sizes. If you are truly serious about growing your bankroll, I would recommend that you look into the 90 and 45 players SNGs. Or at least try to play more of those and fewer of the 2, 6 and 9 player games. You'll cash a lot less often, but your ROI will be higher. And in the long run, isn't that what it's all about?

    Good luck to you in 2009!
  5. Jifsrt8's Avatar
    wow can this year get any more sick than it already is i swear what and amazing change in my game i honestly cant believe it i dont know if its luck or running hot but i just amazed on how much i have in my bankroll. ty bbp
    ty all
  6. Jifsrt8's Avatar

    im so far doin great lets hope i can continue to control the tilt problem and then we should be okay