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by , 12-24-2008 at 02:22 AM (1858 Views)
Lately i been playing 1 dollar 45 sng and im amazed of how much someones game could improve just by reading and taking advice from people. I usually i will loose my chips doing something im not suppose to be doin. but now im losing in a way that i put my chips in with the best of it and get unluky. I been doing okay played a could heads up sng won a couple still wanting to win my a 1st place.

I also want to say that this forum believe it or not has helped alot Galactus x has been givin me tips and pointers that really help. the post are excellent i read alot of them that show actual hands and things they did which helps alot.

and i plan on letting everyone know this site is cool as hell!!! lol please excuse my language. Let the recruiting begin day 1 so far zero

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  1. Chipless Wonder's Avatar
    If you continually get your chips in as a favorite, then don't change a thing and the wins will eventually come.

    Glad you like our poker community here.
  2. Jifsrt8's Avatar
    wow so much has change since this blog i was just starting when i wrote that and now im in a position where i can move up stakes and make some serious cash.