I cant chat

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by , 12-25-2008 at 05:18 PM (2080 Views)
Yesterday on christmas eve i was playing fulltilt poker and i was elminated by a guy chasing a 4 card straight to my top pair top kicker and i wrote ... suk it homo and he reported me for feeling harrased ...this suks i cant chat for a long time and it suks i should of not said anything but couldnt help myself

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  1. Jifsrt8's Avatar
    so for anyone who wants to say something to someone watch out their are some sensitive girls out their
  2. Chipless Wonder's Avatar
    i wrote ... suk it homo
    LOL! Where's your holiday spirit?
  3. dyehard's Avatar
    What if you said "suk it...homosapien"?
  4. chronicATM's Avatar
    LOL i just saw this for the first time and its hilarious....I also had my chat banned on FTP once for a months time...It was because I was harrassing Mike Matusow (figured he could handle it).