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Poker Challenge to myself.

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by , 10-21-2010 at 09:50 AM (1376 Views)
1st ever blog post - so here goes.

Firstly i would like to give a quick overview of my situation.

I have suffered back problems since 2004 and after various treatments and an operation in 2008 - i have now been advised that i can no longer continue to work in my job as an auditor. Sad sad news as i am only 38 - but basically im physically unable. Im not a lay-about and need to have something to challenge me and inspire me.

I spend long periods of time having to lay down (not a layabout he says ) due to the pain - now for the good news The one thing i can do comfortably is lie down with my laptop and play poker - so that is what i aim to do. Luckily i have an insurance policy that pays me half my salary so my bills etc are covered - not ideal - but i can manage.

Now to the poker part - always played for fun and made a few quid here and there - but never took it seriously and never really stuck to any challenges ive set myself. Till Now

I am going to set one challenge at a time and see where it takes me.

I am going to start at the bottom level and try and work my way up.

I am going to play on Full tilt for this challenge with a starting bank of $62.70 - just whats left in my account. I have removed funds from all my other accounts so to avoid losing focus.

The challenge is to play 300 games @ the $1.10 45man and aim to achieve a ROI of 20%. I aim to complete this by end Nov 2010.

Once the 300 games are up i will re-evaluate and look for another challenge.

As an incentive to myself , the 1st person that sees me playing any other games on full tilt bar the $1 45man till i have completed 300 games from today, then i will send them $20.

I will update this blog on a weekly basis with how the challenge has progressed.

Wish me luck

edit to say game no. changed from 400 to 300 as they take so long to bloody load up - still think that is a decent amount for the challenge. Oh and i can play any freerolls or points games

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  1. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    Bankroll now stands at $118.99 so moving in right direction.

    Managed 87 games in 6 days with a ROI of 70% so not to bad as i didnt play much over the weekend.

    Lost $11 on a bap - where i could quite easily have doubled my money. Think i should self exclude myself from these till the challenge is over.

    Anyway onwards and upwards - hopefully

    Motwgtsyw 87 $1 $1 70% $67 - N/A FullTilt 10/21/2010 10/27/2010 E45-45 S1-1 G=H NoLim Spd=N NormalFormat
  2. Vestvik7's Avatar
    Awesome ROI

    Keep it up and keep us posted !
  3. KevinW's Avatar
    Nice work! Keep it up bud!
  4. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    Cheers lads - will put some effort in next week and aim to get 80-100 games in.
  5. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    I have decided to end this challenge for a few reasons.

    1. The challenge has gone much better than i had expected or hoped and my bankroll has gone from $62 to $165 (inc $11 loss in a bap)in around 11 days. I initally thought i may double my bankroll at best over 300 games. So i have already achieved more than i set out to do.

    2. The challenge limits me to playing 45man - these take 2hr plus to complete - so i feel i am wasting time when i have the odd hour to spare where i could fire up some sng, turbo etc.

    3. I have a decent bankroll now to play at a slighter higher level so i feel i would be wasting my time sticking to the $1 level.

    I do aim to keep some structure to my game and maintain bankroll management.

    I will be looking to play mainly $2 and $3 level games (various) with the odd micro mtt and the odd $5 sng and maybe a few steps in there as well.

    I feel the challenge was a success and has given me the chance to kick on quicker than i had anticipated - so that is what i aim to do.

    If i struggle i will drop back down levels again

    Final stats

    Motwgtsyw 154 $1 $1 67% $114
  6. KevinW's Avatar
    You are showing great discipline richard! I agree with you moving up stakes. glglgl! keep grinding!...keep us posted
  7. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    ty - your comments are appreciated.

  8. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    Just binked a $3.30 90 man for a nice bankroll boost

    Motwgtsyw 221 $1 $2 57% $190

    Splashed out $10 of the roll on Joseph Cheong: 7-1 in the Nov 9 - on Lappins recommendation.

    Think there is still a $26 to come of the total - which i won via steps. Did ok but needed to double up to get in the money in a 10k tourney ran aq into ak sb\bb - never mind. Next time

    Won a bit at rush - but need to stay away from there and stick to sng\ small mtt.

    Bank roll has moved from $62 to $239 so quite happy so far. Hope it continues
    Updated 11-05-2010 at 12:28 PM by Motwgtsyw
  9. KevinW's Avatar
    great work richard!!
  10. Acesfull1026's Avatar
    wtg richard. some great results so far! maintain your discipline and keep crushing those games!
  11. Motwgtsyw's Avatar
    Challenge is over on Full Tilt - that rakeback promotion has pissed me right off and wont play on there again anymore expect for the ISOP.

    Why not roll out the whole promotion to everyone?

    Withdrawn $190 and going to get back onto cake where at least i get rake. May even join UB but not so keen on software.

    So will start with $150 on cake and see where we get to.