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by , 03-02-2010 at 10:58 AM (1249 Views)

Before I say anything, I just have to post this.

YouTube - Lupe fiasco - Yoga flame (Fireman freestyle) / We are lasers promo (Enemy of the state)

Lupe fiasco is hands down the illest. Who else can take a Wayne song and go harder than weezy?

Pokr via internet

So I haven't updated in a while. That is because very recently I took a nice trip to bustoville (kinda).

I'll explain as concisely as I can.

Really bad player runs like god god on

Guy is crushing everybody in his path.

Guy has to be well over 6 figures in his account right now after he ran like god against every reg on the site.

I decide that I was never going to get a better chance to take a shot

We played 10-20 and 25-50 NLHE HU.

I lose lots of chipies

So I lost about 80% of my roll. I wasn't upset about it at all though. I understood the risk.


So that's about it. I've been playing more tournaments with not so good results recently. I got lucky and ran into a lot of good spots this week at 100nl and 100plo

while running good. I got crushed at 200nl.

So losing money isn't very fun. But I can guarantee I will do it again if I get another spot that good.

Live Poker (lol)

I was grinding out maybe a buyin a week all month this month at Gemini. I finally got

my huge weekend that I've been waiting for all month. I'm going to skip the details of

it. $5/$5nl running on monday night was the main reason for the the big weekend. But

I'm going to skip the details and just get to the lollivepoker moments.

I cashed out $2300 on saturday. Not very interesting except that my $2300 cashout

represented a $100 win since I spewed $1700 into the game within a few hours of showing


The worst hand was I raise 55 preflop and see a flop multiway. J94 flop. I cbet and

get a call from some guy wearing a USA hat and sunglasses in the BB. Turn comes a Q

putting backdoor diamonds out there. He checks I bet again very big. He tank calls.

River comes an A putting the flush out there. I start to reach for my chips when he

just suddenly donks $200 into me.

Now, he can't be valuebetting for multiple reasons. He would always "check to trap me"

if he had anything especially which me obviously getting ready to bet. If he had

anything he wouldn't stare me down in his shades awkwardly shuffling his chips like he's

practicing for the WSOP. If he had anything. He has about $300 behind. I think about

jamming to make sure I win the pot but I end up just calling.

He turns over a bluff. 66. I say NH and muck as he scoops a big pot. The entire table

bursts out in a chorus of "What the" and "what did he just win with".

It doesn't end there.

Monday night. A very inexperienced looking player raises to $10 UTG. 4 calls and it

gets to me in the sb. I look down at T4o and 3bet to $60. It folds to a random guy who

looks to be in his early 30s. The flop comes K94 with 2 hearts. I cbet he tank calls.

I put him on exactly A4 at this point and if you were at the table you would too. It

was just obvious that he had nothing and just didn't believe me. The turn comes a 5 of

hearts giving me a T high flush draw. I bet again big. He thinks for about 6 seconds

and then jams on me. I think to myself "wtf is this guy doing" and wish that I had a A6

so I could snap him off. I try to do some math and I'm thinking that my heart outs are

good 75% of the time. And at least 3 of my pair outs are good 100% of the time. And

then if it's close I decide callings good because showing down T4o is great for my


I call river blanks off. He turns over 42o and I scoop $1100 pot with T high.

I have more funny hands including a 3-out suckout followed by me 1out resucking but I'm

getting bored with typing so I'm just going to skip on that.

I've been letting everybody I play with know this, but I'm offering a 3 week class where I teach you everything I know about running good. Between books, training sites, and other resources, there are plenty of ways to learn how to play good. But without my running good techniques, you won't get anywhere. I will teach you how clubs make the most flushes, and how to hit guttys. Along with other secrets to running good that I would never share with anyone unless they gave me lots of money to take my 3 week class. I have no takers yet so plenty of open seats.

YouTube - Lupe Fiasco All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle Original Version

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