Early lessons in Vegas living

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by , 07-17-2008 at 01:00 AM (1494 Views)
1) People drive like complete shit here. They make my driving look safe and completely reasonable. One of our first nights here, we witnessed (and were seconds from being the unfortunate victims of) an idiot plowing through a red light at 45mph, t-boning a car and sending her spinning through the intersection to hit ANOTHER car.

2) "Hot" is really hard to describe until you actually live in Las Vegas. I had on heels for an interview and could feel myself sinking into the parking lot. I sat on my black leather interior in shorts, jumped in pain, only to burn my arm on the damn seatbelt strap. Then I couldn't touch the steering wheel. Yea, THAT ridiculous.

3) Everything is slightly more expensive. Not too bad though. Everyone theorizes that the farther away you get from the Strip, the more reasonable prices are for things. Not true. Granted, you will pay more on the Strip, but it's not much different outside.

4) My new favorite restaurant is Claim Jumpers. Dana introduced me to it at the beginning of June and I was in love. If you saw their dessert counter when you walk in, you'd know what I mean. Since that love-at-first-sight moment, we had lunch there as we decided to go forth with this condo, and then had pre-WSOP dinner there with Mr. Cook.

5) Back to driving for a moment. For once, I don't feel like an idiot with directions. For the most part, I can find my way around this place. It's very grid-like. I am very rarely confused about where things are, and I could get you from my place to the Strip in about 30 different ways.

6) A lot of people move here from Ohio. A neighbor in our complex just moved here from Grandview a few weeks before us. There are dealers EVERYWHERE that have "Ohio" emblazened on their nametags.

7) Cox cable sucks. We have had to have them come out and fix things multiple times AND Dave is on the phone with them literally every day regarding our phone and internet connection, or our cable box randomly drops out. We NEVER had this many issues with Time Warner in 10 years, let alone the 3 weeks we've been here.

8) I miss my friends. It is of course hard to meet people when you don't have 1) a job or 2) the money to go out and do anything social.
I have met a few people through the LIPS tournament and from the neighborhood. But other than that, Dave and I have each other and the three pups. Luckily it's a nice little family

9) It is great living in a tourism city. We have already had a half dozen visitors in the 3 weeks we've been here. So while I miss seeing my friends as regularly as I used to, it helps that people love Las Vegas.

10) It is hard as hell to get a job here! I have now applied for 29 jobs. I passed through 2 interviews at Harrahs and now I have an audition with them tomorrow morning. If I pass that, then I have to go back for Audition #2 next Friday. Meanwhile, I have been to 2 other auditions, have one this Friday, on Monday and have attended countless interviews.

I know I've only been here 3 weeks, but it cracks me up when I see some of the grumpasses who work in these casinos, that I (with my upbeat, cheerful demeanor) can't seem to crack the surface with these places. I have no criminal record, I am normal looking, I was a teacher, I am not wanted by the law or bill collectors....I just don't understand why this is so damn hard. The auditioning I know will take awhile, but for a basic office job to pay the bills....well I had no idea what I was in for.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I have spent time eating, pooling, working out (not as much as I should - hell I should be a bodybuilder with the amount of time I have to kill), interviewing, sleeping and playing a shitload of online poker, since that is all the $ I have until I get a JOB. I am enjoying the hell out of the lazyness.....but I am also wanting to be busy and working and making money and most of all, meeting people!

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