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by , 03-29-2010 at 08:19 AM (1024 Views)
so I reached iron level status on the 26th and have been pretty much taking a few days off from any kind of serious poker.

atm i still have 1077 medals, w/ now 400 pending along w/ 4 bounus medals (i missed the 10 bonus medals for the month, but that's okay b/c i'm still ahead of schedule), 62,246 pts and 3,572 credits.

on the brighter side, i am running much much better in ring game play but am still doing pretty shitty in hu sngs, so i haven't been playing many of those and have been sticking w/ cash games. it's like i'll make a bill playin 5/10 s8 ring, the go and lose two $50 hu s8 sngs to huge misclicking fish! it's a frustrating cycle, but i am determined to play through it, even if i wind up in the red for the year!

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