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I have never wrote or even read a blog before and Im using this one to record how Im progressing in the world of poker. I doubt it will be read by many people but if it is feel free to add any comments you wish. Firstly a quick update of how I have done so far, I intend to post about once a month.

Year 1.
I learned how to play poker and deposited 5 x $20 before building up a bankroll. I played mostly on ipoker network (paddy power) but also tried and party poker. Almost exclusivley played $5, $10 sngs this year.

Year 2.
A huge year for me as I realise I can really make money playing poker. Again I played mostly at Paddy Power and won most my money from when I upped my stakes to $20 sngs. I had 2 months playing cash games .10.20 which I could beat but I could not beat .25.50 so I finished year on sngs. I discovered Bodog, a site I am very fond of and also played at VC, Full Tilt and Sun Poker.

Year 3.
This is where I am now.
My yearly goals where to
1. Win more money than last year.
2. Be on a sharkscope leaderboard.
3. Learn to master cash games.

Number 2 is not going to happen as I began to struggle in the sngs, although still beating them my profits where not what they once where. I decided to take a break from the sngs and go to the cash tables, after 4 months of playing at .25.50, a level in year 1 I could not beat, I found myself doing well and I see cash games as my future now. I am 8 months into this year and Im +$3800 so just about on course to make more than last year. This year I have played at Cake, Bodog and Carbon the latter 2 are my only accounts to date
Bodog $500
Carbon $2800
3 weeks ago I decided to make my biggest jump in stakes to date and play .50 $1. 6 seat cash games at Carbon. A nervous start saw my account drop from $2100 to $1800 in the first week but since that time I have been running very well. At the beggining of each month I will now record how I have done.

  1. December, final post.

    by , 12-23-2009 at 12:51 PM
    My retirement from poker has really come on this month as I just havent felt like playing. Since I first thought about giving it up my heart is simply not in it any more. I have tried a little to mix things up by joining Pokerstars and just playing mtts but I get bored quickly and I think its best to make a clean break from the game. I have to be honest here, I would still be playing if I thought next years profits would exceed this years but I dont think they would. Whilst still beating $50nl comfertably ...
  2. November 2009.

    by , 11-30-2009 at 03:35 PM
    A huge month for me as I record my most profitable EVER month, on top of this I hit my yearly $10,000 goal 3 months early!! To be honest though it was a case of running very hot. I played a tournament (I never play tournaments) and won it for $650, so close to biggest ever tourney win and I also ran hot at the cash tables, hotter than I thought possible to be honest. Apart from the last week of the month no sets have been hit against my overpairs and majority of good all ins have held up. The month ...
  3. October

    by , 10-25-2009 at 10:16 AM
    A very good month in all, Ive had much better months but will happily accept this months earnings. I have made a huge decision to remain at $50nl. Whilst I beat $100nl and have done so for over a year, I am more comfertable at $50nl. The truth is at $100nl losing a few buy ins can hurt me and this is not the same case at $50nl. Im not saying Ill never jump back up (I havent played $50nl at Carbon for well over a year) but for now Im enjoying life at the lower safer stakes. The whole of this month ...
  4. September

    by , 09-28-2009 at 02:13 PM
    Please stop reading this blog, its getting embarassing to write. Another poor month, this is three in a row now, co-insiding with me calculating my hourly rate (coincidence?) I doubt it. At least there is an excuse for this months troubles, I have been bonus chasing and will be next month also. When PKR offered me the choice of my bonus up to $600 I had no hesitation and went for the maximum. However this has been a big mistake, $400 I would clear comfertably playing $50nl. After a lazy start to ...
  5. Half time report.

    by , 08-31-2009 at 11:08 AM
    I am exactly half way through my fourth poker year and will now recap my goals at the beggining of this year.

    1. Make more money than last year. ($6,120)

    This was the easiest to complete of my 5 goals, had I not completed this one I would seriously think about quitting poker. This is not meant as an arrogant statement its just that poker takes up so much of my time, if I felt I was moving backwards I really would call it a day. Good news though, with only half the ...
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