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by , 07-15-2009 at 10:12 PM (918 Views)
I have bubbled four times and now must have a "mental clensing" So hard to not go and blow everything I have made.

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  1. WilburTrey's Avatar
    After taking a nap I went down to 72 Then hit bed for the night. back up a bit today. Just need to stay patient
  2. DevilFish73's Avatar
    Patience is a virtue..
  3. WilburTrey's Avatar
    back to 81 at one point down to 66
  4. WilburTrey's Avatar
    up to 83$ should have been up over 90... misread
  5. Chipless Wonder's Avatar
    Definitely need to take some time off when you're losing. Once our judgment is clouded, we start losing at a faster rate.