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Thread: AK facing 5 bet shove at Tri State

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    AK facing 5 bet shove at Tri State

    This was late Thursday night of the $345 300k GT at Hollywood.

    So I've been at this table for a level and a half (so about 45 minutes) and I've been fairly inactive. I 3-bet once out of the SB with AQ and go flatted my an older man that folded to my cbet on a low board. This man seems to be opening with any two broad way cards, but has managed to accumulate a lot of chips.

    There is an older women to my right who has been opening quite often and taking down a lot of small pots and actually seems to know what she is doing.

    So blinds are 1500/3000 400 ante. (level 16 and we stop the day at after 18)

    I have about 140,000 in chips, women to my right has around 130,000. Old guy who initially opens has us both covered.

    So old guy opens for 6200 from mid position, 1 caller behind, women to my right 3 bets out of the SB for 17,000. I look down at AK in the BB and 4 bet to 34000. Folds around to Women who thinks for no more than 5 seconds and says all-on.

    If I call and win, I'm likely to be chip leader going into day2 (or close)...but I can fold and still have 30+ BBs.

    I am pretty positive I am facing AA or KK. I think she would be a little more hesitant to shove with JJ or QQ and AK, but perhaps not. Also, this was the first 3-bet I saw at the table besides from my own.

    Do we always 4 bet here with AK? can we ever look down at AK and muck here without attempting a raise? would you bet-size differently?

    These are spots I am unsure of in tournaments. I play mostly cash and my MTT game is rusty.

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    If I did the math right you need 35% equity to call here. I think I call all day here online. If you think the range is AA and KK then you have to fold here. If she does that with AK as well then your equity is like 37% and it will make your call marginally profitable. If you add QQ or JJ in her range you get an extra 1% of equity each pocket pair you add here.

    I think you got in this tough spot because you did not have a plan on the hand. If you think she only reraises here with AA and KK then I really hate the raise, which is easy to say not in the hand. If you view her as a solid good player then she must have a good hand here with raising out of position. If you dont think she is 3betting light here then 4betting has much less value as her calling range or raising range has you beat. A call here has hands that you might have beat like AQs and you have position over here. If you thought she would reraise here with out having AQ or AJ in here range then a fold here might be worth while and raising has much less fold equity. If you call and you are up against AA or KK makes you hitting your Ak more likely so you might get away with just losing 17k on this hand with a call. Another question is are you chipping up? if you are then you should consider a lower variance play.

    I think the raise to 34k is too small, a raise to about 45 or 48k would be much better and your fold equity would have been better. With a bigger raise you only need a 30% equity to get it in versus a reraise and you have more fold equity versus hands like pocket tens you want to fold.

    I have a hard time folding AK, I think my results might be better if I did that more often.
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    Thanks for the response Cambo.

    I feel like she is capable of 3-betting with a wider range than AA and KK. I would assume she does this with TT+ AQ+ (obviously difficult to tell with such a small sample size), but I don't think she is risking her tourny life here with a 5-bet shove with anything less than KK and AA especially with ~40 BBs.

    I don't hate calling her 3 bet if I know I will be heads-up IP, but the old guy who opened will likely call if I call. I doubt he is capable of squeezing, but you never know. And I obviously don't want to be pinched between the two.

    I hate to raise/fold with the top of my range here, but I see no other choice as played. The raise is probably too small as you said, but I raise to 34k here with AA as well and hope to induce a shove. If you were in her spot and had TT-QQ, AQ here, I don't think you would want to flat and play a huge pot OOP, but do you really want to 5 bet shove here with those hands either? Especially with as inactive as I have been and she has no reason to think I am making a play.

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