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Thread: AJo in early position ~15bbs

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    AJo in early position ~15bbs

    two part question. I played a live 100k guarantee, $130 buy in last night. It had a pretty bad, fast structure. needless to say the play was pretty bad overall. Very tight table, nobody playing back at anybody without good hands. I've played very snug the last few orbits, due to the fact i haven't had hands and there were a few short stacks. avg. stack is only about 25bbs.

    blinds 1k/2k with 200 ante. I have 30k

    utg +1 AJo (8 handed) utg folds

    What's our play here? I think there can be an argument for shoving, just raising or folding. I elected to just make a standard raise to 5k. my reasoning is, nobody is playing back at anybody. my image is pretty tight, especially from early position (first hand from ep i've been able to play since being moved to this table). I figure I'm hardly, if ever, getting 3 bet with anything less than ak aq tt+ so i can pretty safely just fold if i get 3 bet. In a more standard, deeper tournament, I wouldn't think of doing this but my thought process is..even if i have to fold to a 3 bet I can still put a lot of pressure on pretty much anybody at the table with open shoves and people will be incorrectly folding way too many hands to me. We were also a couple minutes away from the blinds being raised to 1200/2400, should have this changed anything with the thought process? Anything else I'm not considering? Interested to hear what you guys think is the optimal play here.

    It's folded to the small blind. Who is a thirty something female who has just sat down <10 hands ago. She's played 2 hands aggressively already (open raises), seems pretty competent and she has a pretty good stack ~50k. she 3 bets me to 15k. she was the one person i didn't want 3 betting me because of my lack of info on her. Given this info do we go with our original plan of just folding to a 3 bet or do we just stick it in here and gamble given the situation and hope she has something like 77-tt in her range?

    when the blinds increase we will be left with just about 10bbs, if we fold. about to go through the blinds again. thoughts?
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    For me, in local nightly tournaments, I will allow myself to blind down to about 7 or 8 BB. In my experience, shoving 7 or 8 BB is just as effective as 10 in these games. So in essence, it gives me 20 - 30 more hands to look at in hopes of waking up with a strong hand.

    How much did the BB have? I ask because her raise is an odd amount. Assuming BB folds and you ship, she has to call. For me, I think it is ok to fold here if you think she is strong. The last thing I would do is 3 bet shove b/c you have almost no FE (could be debated though with respect to the many horrible live players). I would either fold or smooth call and get it in on any flop. If she is a weak player, she may check the flop as she is going to miss 2/3 of the time. Now you have some FE and have a better chance to take the pot. Still getting all your chips in just using them differently.
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    pretty standard jam, if i open it isnt to fold to any 3bet. if its +cEV to open jam (but ppl are never folding better hands) then you can min raise call as a form of induction, if someone has you beat they were callin ur jam anyway (w/e cooler) but if they can 3bet a hand like AT or KJ now cause they think u might fold to a raise then u tricked em sometimes. it sucks when someone shoves like 22 33 44 but were folding to your shove though.

    kq ks kj kjs at as make up 3.6% of hands, 22 33 44 make up 1.4% of hands. so if they were to auto get it in vs a minraise but fold to a shove 100% with these hands then u gain some kinda edge, although not sure if people fold KQs to that jam, maybe in a live tourney i spose. also people will flat a minraise sometimes, and that can get weird and sucks cause they get to realize some of their equity
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