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Thread: My Dilemma

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    My Dilemma

    First of all please excuse me if it will seem like a newbie question. As I've said I played poker semi-professionally about 3 years ago. So now I'm trying to refresh my knowledge. And the first situation I want to clear out is with the continuation bet. When we have to stop and resign or may be continue the pressure. Let's take the random hand as an example. I will be on the Button.

    Hand Information
    , 0.5 BB (6 handed).
    Hand History converter courtesy of

    Table Information
    Seat: 1 seat 1 ($50) Small Blind
    Seat: 3 Bad Guy ($50) Big Blind
    Seat: 5 seat 5 ($50)
    Seat: 6 seat 6 ($50)
    Seat: 8 seat 8 ($50)
    Seat: 10 New Leader ($50) Dealer
    Dealt to New Leader

    Preflop (Pot:0.75)
    seat 5 FOLD
    seat 6 FOLD
    seat 8 FOLD
    New Leader RAISE $1.5 - standard 3bb raise from the button - right?
    seat 1 FOLD
    Bad Guy CALL

    Flop(Pot: $3.75)

    Bad Guy CHECK
    New Leader BET $2.5 - Continuation Bet - is the bet size OK?
    Bad Guy CALL

    Turn(Pot: $8.75)

    Bad Guy CHECK
    New Leader CHECK - The time to resign?

    River(Pot: $8.75)

    Bad Guy BET $6
    New Leader FOLD - Bye Bye Bad Guy!
    Bad Guy MUCKS

    Bad Guy wins the pot: $14.75

    So what is your opinion on this hand? My biggest dilemma is on the Turn. Shall I continue betting or just check/fold?

    This hand is not from a real game but the principle is the same. Were there any errors?
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