Hey guys.
I'm new to the forums, and want to discuss a hand or two.

We were with less than half of the starting players. Average stack was 96k and blinds of 10k/5k/1k
While I had around 110k chips, I was relatively short-stacked for the table.

The guy on my left had around 60k chips, and went all-in UTG. Everyone then folds, and while I was in BB, I couldn't pay it even if it was blind stealing (T7o). I fold, saying "you have no hand, but I can't pay you". He shows me AKo before mucking.

The turn right after (I'm SB, he's BB), I receive A8s. Only two players pay the blinds. I wanted to apply some pressure to the pot, but without compromising my stack, and decide to bet 25K (2.5xBB and 25% of my stack). The Big Blind thinks a little and goes All-In again. Both guys who paid blinds fold instantly.

His all-in was definitely short-stacked, I feel it as a "double or bust" strategy, but losing it would leave me with 22k and virtually out of the tourney. I remembered his AKo from last hand, and decided to take the risk.

Showdown is my A8s versus... AA
Flop has an 8, but that was it. Lost the hand, and with that short stack, I was forced to all-in the next hand (J7s) and lost it too, ending 31/88.

Did I play right that hand? Should I have put it all-in before the BB, or not played at all that A8s?