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Thread: Hollywood or Wheeling?

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    Hollywood or Wheeling?

    Looking to head out of town for casino B&M action this weekend. Looking for 2-5 NLHE cash games. Would you recommend Wheeling or Hollywood? I've never been to Wheeling, and only been to Hollywood once since the new boat opened.

    I had heard that the action at Wheeling as dried up quite a bit, and that Hollywood is packed.

    Anyone been to either/both recently and can comment?


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    It's been about a year since I went to Wheeling, but I would always choose Hollywood first.
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    I recommend Hollywood first also. I know of a couple of horrible floor rulings at Wheeling and the action is definitely not at the level of Hollywood.

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    Hollywood . Much better with the change in poker room...... and if you are there late at night on the weekend the floor guys will usually comp you a meal from the deli! The play is quite soft as well!
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    Well, we went to Hollywood. Sometimes the action just isn't there. This was one of those nights. We got there at 4:00 and played some 1-2 for about an hour until they started the second 2-5 must move game.

    It was the tightest 2-5 game I've ever played in. I've never seen so many big pocket pairs (correctly) folded pf. Raise, re-reraise, and original raiser mucks QQ... only to be showed KK. Same thing with JJ. It was just a bunch of regulars who knew each other too well.

    One player got all the cards and all the hands. In the first hour, he had AA (vs KK), AA (vs KK and JJ), KK (vs QQ) and QQ (vs JJ). He also had 66 on a 622 flop. After the hand, he apologized to the pfr for even calling pf, but "justified it" b/c so many others had called. He truly was going to fold to a standard $20 raise from his SB with 66. He also cracked my buddy's set. On an A89 flop, my buddy had 88 and he had A8 and rivered the A.

    Rake gets magnified in such a tight game. 4 way limped and then checked to the river would see $2 rake + $1BBJ (and often times $1 toke)... just huge % taken out.

    We left at 2:00 and luckbox had the only stack north of 1k at the table. Granted, he had been bleeding chips which is what kept us there, but he was clearly in shut down mode.

    Mehhh ... shoulda gone to Gemini.

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