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This is the first video of the video poker series, throughout the series we will focus on basic and advanced strategy.

Check out the first video at:

[#1] Texas Holdem Tips - YouTube

Why am I doing this videos?

I want to make winning players out of this videos and also promote our EXCLUSIVE freerolls (all countries allowed) at Phreess.com

What is Phreess.com?

Is a new way to play poker freerolls. These freerolls are sponsored by Phreess and we add $0.20 USD per player that register to the freeroll. This is a huge improvement, as on average, others add about $0.01 USD to even $0.005 USD per player. This way the prizepool is bigger, every one has a chance to cash in good.

How can you register to the freerolls?

Check out the video at our site homepage (just click where it says "FREE freerolls everyday!")

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Our first freeroll is on March 1st, if you want more details, go to Phreess

Each week we are doing at least one freeroll and remember that we add $0.20 per player that registers to the freeroll. The more players, the bigger the prizepool for free!
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