For anyone using PT, you can download these filters and import them.

"A complete list of important filters to add to your poker tracker database. Poker Tracker doesn't include enough quick filters, so please help yourself to our developed list, and please feel free to pass this page on to your fellow poker player!"

Playing and facing a 4-bet

Cold call overall

Cold Call with Marginal hands OOP

Cold Call Preflop with Suited Connectors

Cold Call Preflop with Unsuited Connectors

Cold Call in Blinds without Premium Hand

Check-raise flop with less than 2 pair

Called Flop Raise with TPTK

3-Bet non-premium hand

3-Bet Squeezed non-premium hand

Called 3-bet with less than AQ+/TT+

4-bet with less than AQ+/TT+

Triple Barrel Bluff

Float Flop Without Draw

Poker Tracker Filters