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Thread: New Features In The Version 4 Upgrade

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    New Features In The Version 4 Upgrade

    New features added to BBP with the latest upgrade include the following:

    Facebook Integration - You now have the ability to log in to using your Facebook account. Once you link your BBP account to your Facebook account you can like posts, copy posts, etc... to your Facebook account.

    Twitter Feed - Every new thread created on BBP is now tweeted to the @BadBeatsForum twitter feed. If you have a twitter account be sure to follow @BadBeatsForum and keep up with new threads instantly!

    BBPForum Mobile App - Now you can use your Android or Apple mobile device to log in, read, create and moderate (for moderators) posts and threads. Check out the links on the home page for directiongs to the apps.

    Content Management System - Our new home page is set up to allow moderators and privileged users to promote forum posts to articles or create their own content to share with members on the forum. Look for poker articles, videos, blog posts, and forum posts to appear there on a frequent basis. If you have something you would like to have posted on main page please let an admin or moderator know. (Anything poker related will be accepted for review).

    Updated Blogging System - More features have been added to the blogging system. If you are a member then you have a blog already waiting for you, just go to the blogs tab to get started.

    Improved Forum Statistics - Keep track of recent threads, posts, top posters, hottest thread etc... in the new Stats page available via the Statistics link in the Forum Navigation Bar.

    More to be listed....
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    Todd has been programming for three solid weeks to implement all these new features. Looks like we definitely have all the latest features now. Great work Todd!
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