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Thread: +EV MTTs To Play

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    +EV MTTs To Play

    Really just wondeing if there is such a thing or if players pick certin MTTs to play. Reason I ask, is becouse I was playing in the 100K on merge and was checking the stats of other players at my table and over 50% that I looked up was a player with small AVG buyins or guys that only play the 100k on sunday. To me this would have to be a plus for players that grind to make there money, just getting to play guys that are not as good.

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    Today was the first time I played the $100K Guarantee MTT on Carbon Poker. Even though I donked away my chips pretty quickly, there was a nice overlay, the structure seemed great and most of the players not so much. I definitely believe there is great value in this MTT, and plan to start working it into my schedule a lot more in the future.
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    Out in 60th in the 100k. Yea I would have to agree with you, scott. I would like to play it every sunday. But for now I would have to win a seat into it inorder to beable to play. That really Sucks becouse I think, Im just as good as most of the players.

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