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Thread: How to be listed in BBP's Hall Of Fame Lists

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    Post How to be listed in BBP's Hall Of Fame Lists

    Here is how you can make it into our two Halls of Fame. Win a big event (past or present), check to see if your dollar amount is greater than the bottom entry and follow the below instructions.

    BadBeatsPoker.Net Live Hall Of Fame

    BadBeatsPoker.Net Online Hall Of Fame

    To be added to our Online Tournament Hall of Fame, please send an email to, and include the following information:

    - Your real name
    - Your user name on this message forum
    - Your screen name on the online poker site
    - Month/year
    - Online poker site
    - Tournament name
    - Buy-in
    - Game
    - Place
    - Cash (minimum = $12,000)

    All entries will be reviewed for accuracy and listed in the BadBeatsPoker Tournament Hall of Fame.
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