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Thread: $25.00 tourney May 17th 8:30pm POWELL

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    Thumbs up $25.00 tourney May 17th 8:30pm POWELL

    Well as strange as it may sound my son Evan turns 8 next week and He told me he would like to have a poker tourney at our house. For those who have not played at my house Evan is a good player and has cashed $100.00 plus a few times. He can hang with all you players..

    We will most likely have 20-30 players with a $25.00 buy in and pay top 3 spots game will start 8:30 pm with 15 min blind levels and start @1/2 blinds. Evan will be the only player to have a rebuy within in the first 6 blind levels.May 17th 8:30pm POWELL

    There will be a strong 1/2 cash game as players bust out.

    Any questions or to get on evite email me at
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