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Thread: Introducing The Ace of Clubs!

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    Introducing The Ace of Clubs!

    Eli and I are pleased to announce that our club is FINALLY open for business! Our hours are M-Sat: 6PM to 7AM and Sun: 4PM to 7AM. We are located at 1054 Columbus Ave, Marysville OH, 43040. Columbus Avenue changes into Industrial Parkway(parallels State Route 33 from Dublin) after it crosses over the Marysville corporation limit. We are located in the Lutz Commerce Park which is one building north of Cuestix Pool Hall and 2 buildings south of Benny's Pizza. Our space is in the very back of the building.

    To celebrate our Grand Opening, we are having a series of 6 $500 freerolls. There are 3 this weekend and then 3 next weekend. Each freeroll will be capped at 80 players.

    Besides hold 'em, we have a pool table that will be ready to go this Thursday. We are also in the market for a foosball table so if you know of one then give a shout.

    Besides the freerolls, we are adding $100 to the prize pool for the Wednesday tournament($40 buyin)

    For more info about our tournaments, structure, location, direction, etc. then check out our website at The Ace of Clubs - Home

    Hope to see you there!

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    About time one of these clubs got a foosball table.
    "It's Friday night and I'm spending it watching Cory grind a $26 7game tournament"

    PM for coaching information

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