A2 Hands in Omaha High Low

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by , 06-30-2011 at 11:14 AM (2899 Views)
first off I want to apologize for being alittle rough about the players around the world and the FT issue. Moving on. I said I would let you know my starting hand strategy. Well how about why I stray from that strategy. Talking about this will help me get a better handle on the game. My first thoughts were regarding high starting hands like a suited A4 (going for the nut flush) or a hand like JT98. My thinking is that these hands would scoop a pot if there was no low and every time I play a hand like that (no possible low winning hand) I think there will be no low and I will scoop the pot with my high hand. WRONG.

My next preconcieved notion was that a minimum of A2 hands occurred all the time. They say that if you are dealt A2 you can be quartered cause theres like a 40% chance someone else has the same hand so you only split the low half while high hand gets the other half for themselves. I played about 21 hours live play and had A2 non suited atleast 12 times. Suited A2 about 6 times. That comes out to less than one hand an hour. Guess I now know what they mean about being patient in this game. That also brings up the patient factor of whether you can maintain a winning game waiting for one hand an hour. Turns out there were about 48 (incl A2) hands in the same time period from my starting hand list (which I havent disclosed completely yet to you) This again telling me 2 playable hands an hour. I know that 48 hands in 21 hours or so in NOTHING. I will continue to record each and every playable hand on my starting hand list as a W for win, L for a Loss, and S for a scooped pot. You should know that alot of my starting hands are folded immediately on the flop has it has not come close to hitting me so its not like loosing alot of money on a starting hand. Stay tuned for the list of starting hands which are not suppose to include A4 suited (I have a hard time folding this hand pre flop) or JT98. If anyone has some input I would love to hear from you. Cya

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Omaha High Low


  1. FrankNagaiJr's Avatar
    I'll try to give some feedback. How many people are typically seeing a flop, and how often is it capped? I've heard awful things about the regs at the Orleans, but haven't been there much myself.
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  2. bluandbrneyes's Avatar
    The Regs at The Orleans are easy, they are either super nits or really lousy players seeing alot of flops. I've been counting the number of players every hand every day which I should of included in the notes in my post. Capping isnt common and when I have seen it capped, its usually once or twice in a 8 hr period, but I'm only at one table while there may be up to 3 more table going. Most times atleast, and I mean atleast 5 of the 10 players are seeing the flop, occasional 7-8 alot, but mostly 5-6 players. It also depends on the time of day. Early-mid morning is the worst I think with 1 pm beginning the good time to play thru midnite.