Patience Grasshopper. Less is better in Omaha 8

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by , 07-04-2011 at 02:23 AM (3989 Views)
First happy fourth of July to all. Okay, like I've said I've been looking at all the hands I have been playing while noticing what hands the villains are playing. I recorded (wrote down every hand I played over 5 hours before I got tired and stopped) There were approx 131 hands dealt while I sat at the table. Just under half the hands dealt included atleast 5 of the 10 players seeing the flop plus and additional quarter of atleast 6+ players seeing a flop (total 108 hands 5+ players seeing flop) I believe by anyones standards these are pretty loose games and good players should be making some money here.

I've come to the conclusion that I've been playing to many hands. I've been seeing the flop atleast 20% to more than 25% of the hands dealt and that's way to many. I have to exclude alot of Ace suited rag hands, along with hands like an Ace suited 4 and/or ace suited 5. I've noticed the other players playing these hands and alot worse, maybe I will list the nonsense I see players turn over on another post.

I can now see how I've been playing to win half the pot and not play to scoop. My mental thoughts of thinking I will win 1/2 the hand with nut flush while having no ability to win the low 1/2 (no scooping) is totally inappropriate and costs me alot of money. I was actually thinking this while playing today. I've devised a way to fold more hands by not looking at the fourth card dealt to me unless there's an Ace, Deuce or Three initially. So if the first 3 cards are like King, seven and a nine there is no reason to look at the last card (sometimes it was an ace that suited one of the other cards so I would play it).

today while playing I tried fixing my leak of seeing to many flops with one sided hands. I wasnt as successful as I hoped for but improved tremendously. I think it avg'd around 2 or 4 hands an hour for like alittle more than 15%-17% down from 25%+ (dang thats not alot of playing is it) and most were Ace 3 suited, Ace 2, and AA hands. Next post I want to chat about all the dead money out there to win preflop and on the flop due to poor starting hand values of the poor players (this includes many of the regulars) I think there's where a huge difference in how much money I make will come from. Just not quite sure how to go about it yet. Any feedback as usual is mucho appreciated. Cya

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  1. paratrooper99's Avatar
    If many players are playing marginal or trash holdings, your 20% VPIP is justified because your lower end of starting hand range is above at least 2 of your villians. Obviously high only starting hands should be limited but I think 20+ VPIP is +EV in loose games.
  2. bluandbrneyes's Avatar
    Not so sure playing more hands is +EV. I've realized that playing 10 or 15 extra hands and missing the flop costs alot (playing A4 or A5 suited needs to hit the flop really hard to continue) I think not playing so much is actually money in my pocket (not lost) I may play the extra hands only in late position if there's more than 6 players including me. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Cambo71's Avatar
    I have been playing limit O8 for cash on carbon poker lately. OMG the players are so bad. I go from being aggressive to passive depending on the position and the number of peeps in the pot. I have been winning a decent amount the last couple of weeks. Playing 45 to 90 mins and winning 30 to 50 bucks playing 1/2 to 2/4 limit is not bad. It is paying for my mtt addiction and buying into the maximus series.
    I think playing hands like A4 or A5 you probably you need to be suited. Having backdoor opportunites is pretty huge. Playing a 4 outer for a scoop with other possibilities can be huge. Sometimes betting your draws gives you bluff potential when a different draw like high straight hits in stead of your low or flush.

    What is your favorite Grateful Dead song? I think Dark Star and the Eleven from Two from the Vault might be my favorite.