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A Poker Quiz for Omaha hi lo

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by , 07-07-2011 at 10:00 AM (9395 Views)
In my never ending search for knowledge to be a winning player in Omaha I found this little quiz (20 questions) which I thought pretty interesting by Tom McEvoy. I thought I would do pretty well but NOT. I actually scored a 70 thinking I would be more like an 80 or 90. I got confused on question #10. I didnt understand it, but after reading it over and over I think I may have just gone to fast. (what else is new) I've included the link for you all take the quiz for fun and see how you do. Let me know how it goes. Cya

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  1. paratrooper99's Avatar
    I got a 70% too. #10 is a stud question.
  2. bluandbrneyes's Avatar
    Yeah, another friend called me and said that was a stud question. How did you know? Guess they screwed up, and no wonder I couldnt figure that one out as I am not a stud player.
  3. HC28's Avatar
    I got 80% and 2 of the ones I got wrong are the kqj9ss hands. I just couldnt fold that hand and feel good about it. The #10 question I guessed got it right it was stud as stated.