The following changes have been made:

1) Your full and correct name is REQUIRED to be in your profile fields. We reserve the right to disable your account at any time and at our discretion if this condition is not met.

2) Your name is not visible to guests visiting the forum.

3) Your first name will be visible to registered users.

4) Your last name is only visible to moderators and administrators.

5) The rules have been modified to reflect this change.

6) There will be no leniency for those already registered members who do not change their last name from an initial or false name to a complete and correct last name.

7) This will be on a trial basis. If members on the forum become more unruly or begin to cause more trouble because of this anonymous shielding we will return to the original rules.

We appreciate the suggestion and will always do our best to make this forum more comfortable for our members as long as civility and decorum is maintained.